Soma Pill : A more effective way to overcome acute pain

Physical pain which are short-lived are as severe as the long-lived ones. Acute pain should not be underestimated just because it doesn’t last long. This kind of pain is quick and sharp and leaves a negative impact on a human body. A runner falling down and getting hurt on his knee is an example of acute pain. Getting your finger cut by a paper, getting your finger snapped at the door, or getting your hands burned in a hot stove leads to acute pain. Such a pain doesn’t last longer than 3 months. A pain medication known as Soma Pill can help people who suffer from such short-lived and sharp pain sensation to get rid of it.

Let’s get a deeper understanding of what this drug is.

What is Soma Pill?

Soma Pill is basically a muscle relaxer that helps people to overcome acute pain sensation. It is a brand version of Carisoprodol. The active component that are present in this drug are carisoprodol and aspirin. The group of muscle relaxants to which Carisoprodol belongs to is carbamates. This drug received approval from the FDA in the United States in the year 2007.

This pill is also helpful for athletes who experience muscle spasm, sprain or muscle injuries more often than us. This medication is just a part of a whole package. You need to take proper rest and physical therapy along with this drug to get effective pain relief. 

How does this pill work?

The exact mechanism of action of this drug is not yet known. But, it is thought to work by providing a blockage in the transmission of such pain sensations between the nerves in the spinal cord and the brain. By hindering this transmission of pain sensations, it changes a person’s reaction towards pain. 

Is this drug safe for use by pregnant and breastfeeding women?

It is advised to not take this drug without consulting a doctor. If you are planning to get pregnant, inform your doctor and take this pill only if he/she prescribes it to you. Otherwise, do not take this pill as it might harm your unborn baby. The same goes with a pregnant women. This pill, especially by pregnant women or those planning to get pregnant, should never be taken if not prescribed.

If you are a lactating mother, this medication is not safe for  you or your child. Carisoprodol can get excreted in breast milk which, when consumed by a nursing baby, might develop symptoms of withdrawal in the baby. Ask your doctor for a safer alternative to treat your body pain.

NOTE: This drug has a strong potential to be abused as it has sedative effects. Take the doses only according to your doctor’s instructions and purchase this drug only if you are prescribed. Also, you must never share this drug with other people as it is against the law. No children or teenagers less than 17 years of age should take this drug.


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