Do you want to take some serious action on impotence?


The title suggested right. If you are someone who is suffering from erectile dysfunction and is tired dealing with this, this blog will help you a lot in treating your impotence.  Impotence we all know is a sexual disorder where a person is not able to enjoy or go smoothly in his sex life.  In this disorder, a person fails to get a proper erection this is very important to go through a sexual intercourse.  Sometimes it happens so that a person gets an erection but it is not at all firm and does not even lasts long.

The reason behind this is, there isn’t enough flow of blood in the penile nerve which is actually responsible for making a perfect erection require for sex. Impotence is not something that we have called upon ourselves; there are various reasons which contribute to this sexual disorder.  So don’t feel shy and awkward to confront this. Once you will come up sharing your problem with your partner then you can approach a doctor. There are various ED pills available in the market now, which can effectively treat the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Cialis is one such popular name in the field of treating impotence. This medicine hails from the family of PDE-5 inhibitors. This ED pill is a revolutionary drug in this era. Cialis is a common name among the masses handling this sexual disorder now. The ED pill comes under the generic version o Tadalafil which is the active ingredient present on the tablets. Back in the year 2003, Tadalafil was approved by FDA for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

What does the ED pill treat?

Cialis helps to relax the blood vessel cells and makes the free flow pathway for enough blood to pass on to the penile nerve and as a result making a firm and a long-lasting erection.

Not only it treats impotence but the ED pill also uses to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia and pulmonary arterial. These are the physical condition in which the prostate gland becomes enlarge causing problems with urination.  For the ED pill to work effectively one must be sexually active or must have the urge of going for sexual intercourse. Taking Cialis does not mean that it will make us sexually active for an intercourse. The drug simply will increase the flow of the blood on to the penile nerve. Before you take the medicine, you must have the sexual urge the only the pill can work effectively.

 Cialis Half-life

Cialis clinches victory in terms of half-life or effect of the pill. The effect of the ED pill lasts for a long good time. Its effects last for about 36 hours, which comes down to the whole day and a half. Isn’t this amazing?  This PDE-5 inhibitor is crowned with the title of ‘weekend pill’. So now you can reschedule your weekend and have some good quality time for your partner


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