Chronic Pain: Causes and Solutions

Many people at one point of time feel or experience chronic pain but very few of them actually notice that  they have been suffering from chronic pain or even have the proper idea about what exactly is this disease called chronic pain, what are the symptoms or how is it exactly caused.

So what is ‘chronic pain’?

Here is the answer. The term chronic pain means a pain that lasts longer than any other pain. As per some theorists, “the term chronic pain that usually lasts longer than six months while some even suggest that chronic pain is the pain that lasts longer than 12 months.”
Chronic pain keeps the body hurting for weeks, months or even can continue for years after injuries. Any pain that lasts for 3 to 6 months can be called as chronic pain as defined by Doctors. The pain originates in the body, brain or in the spinal cord. This pain has a real effect on your health and day to day life.  Chronic pain are very troublesome as it’s a prolong pain which is disturbing all the time. If you don’t attend to the pain, it will turn miserable. “Better late than never in case of chronic pain”
Chronic pain can be defined as a pain which lasts longer that the expected period of healing. Some studies by expert even claimed that in about 10.1 per cent to 55 per cent of people in several countries suffer from chronic pain and many don’t even have the knowledge about the issue.

It is seen that chronic pain originates in the body, brain or the spinal cord and is usually very difficult to be treated. The medicine for chronic pain is usually ascertained by the type of the pain which is of two types out of which one is either from tissue damage or from neuropathic.
People who suffer from chronic pain also have a higher rate of anxiety, depression and other such related issues.
Sometimes severe chronic pain is associated with the ten years mortality, especially from heart disease and respiratory diseases. It is found that people with chronic pain tend to have anxiety, depression and sleep disorders. All these factors are co related because if you body is not in peace how can you be tension free or sleep properly. 

What are its causes?

The causes of chronic pain are sometimes causes unknown to the person but most of the time it is seen that it develops after a certain injury or some other health related issue and if these cause are to stated, the following causes are top on the list. These causes are-
1.      Headaches and migraines
2.      Damaged nerves
3.      Various infections
4.      Problems or injuries on the back or the spinal cord
5.      Certain injuries that occurred in the past
6.      Surgeries can also be an issue
7.      Fibromyalgia

Symptoms of Chronic Pain

Talking about the symptoms of chronic pain or the type pain one can feel is also be classified. The type of pain one feels include-

1.      Throbbing

2.      Squeezing

3.      Burning type

4.      Stiff

5.      Sore

6.      Dull ache

7.      Stinging type

Chronic pain can also make one feel very tired and sometimes it can make a person have trouble in sleeping as well. Sometimes it can make a person not feel hungry at all, have mood swings, weakness and lack of activeness.

Chronic pain can even have effects on one’s daily life and mental health as well. It can make you feel angry for certain reasons that can be termed as invalid reasons to be mad at. A person suffering from this pain can also be more depressed, frustrated or anxious than usual.

Tramadol for Chronic Pain

Tramadol is one of the popular painkillers which treats moderate to moderately severe pain.  Tramadol Ultram changes the way of the perceiving pain in both body and brain thus controls the pain. It is a very effective solution for both chronic and acute pain; hence can be used in both the casesTramadol is an ultimate relief to chronic pain. The working mechanism of the pain med is, it changes the way of the perceiving pain by binding the receptors of the pain which transmits the sensation of pain from all over the body to the brain. It gets absorbed immediately and is effective for 4-5 hours and sometimes until 24 hours.  Tramadol is not NSAID  (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) henceforth, it does not have the risk of stomach ulcers or internal bleedings that can occur With NSAIDs. This is how Tramadol shows its action once it is inside our body.
This is how Tramadol helps us in dealing with chronic pain.



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