The Reason behind Tramadol getting Banned? – Its Increasing Abuse!

Yes, you have heard it right! Tramadol has been banned all over the world. Its abuse, which has been increasing in the past few years, contributed towards its prohibition.

Tramadol is an oral pain medication that is used to treat moderate to moderately severe chronic pain in adults. This drug is not for children or teenagers who are less than 17 years of age.

But now, there has been an increase in Tramadol abuse among the youth of today, especially pupils who are in the age group of 10-14 years of age.

Tramadol Abuse among pupils

According to Olivia Boateng, the Head of Substance Abuse and Tobacco at the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), who conducted a survey among the pupils revealed that they used this drug to enhance their energy levels and, mainly, for sexual activities.

Tramadol Abuse among commercial drivers

It has also been known that many commercial drivers misuse/overuse this drug which leads to excessive speeding and, thus, an increase in accidents. They drive so recklessly on the roads that puts their life as well as the passengers’ lives in danger.

Tramadol Abuse among teens

This drug is abused by adolescents in high school among whom this drug is known by a slang name ‘Ultras’. It has been revealed in a survey conducted in high schools they use this drug for non-medical reasons. Many teenagers feel that prescription drug abuse is less dangerous than illegal drug abuse.

The Result of Tramadol Abuse

According to medical experts, Tramadol abuse functions like heroin and can cause psychotic problems as well as damage the vital organs in a human body.

Because this drug has mood-elevating properties, many users take it in more amount than prescribed. Such an overdose makes a person dependent on this drug both psychologically and physically.
In addition to its mood-elevating effects, if a person takes it for non-medical purposes or in a way different than prescribed by a doctor, it can have negative and dangerous consequences.

The combination of alcohol and Tramadol is the most dangerous of all. A lot of deaths have been reported worldwide because of Tramadol abuse.


There are certain mild pain relievers in the market that can be used to treat your physical pain. One of such a drug is Soma Pill. Contact a doctor before you change your medication. You must gain complete knowledge of this medication before taking it.


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