Abuse of the Deadly Drug and the Dangerous Outcomes: Tramadol

Drug abuse is not new. Drug getting banned is not new either. People have a tendency to get addicted to a product especially when such products have an effect on their brain. Drug abuse refers to an extreme desire to obtain or use excessive amounts of one or more substances. It can even lead to an addiction. When a person gets addicted to a product, he doesn’t realize how much harm that substance is causing him. He just keeps on consuming more of that substance regardless of how harmful that substance might be. Abuse of drugs has serious ramifications on a person’s mental and physical health.

Abuse and Addiction to Tramadol

Not just illegal street drugs, people also got addicted to a prescribed opioid pain medication called Tramadol which has been banned from almost all counties all over the world. This medication has narcotic-like effects meaning they can affect a person’s thinking ability and change his/her reaction or behavior towards pain.

Though a prescribed medication, people had easy access to this drug from street drug peddlers and chemical stores where they could buy them even without a prescription. Many youngsters are among the abusers of this drug. It has been noticed that they use this drug to increase their energy levels to work for a longer time and to increase their sexual stamina.

Commercial drivers also abused this drug to enhance the energy levels that made them actually drive cars recklessly putting their passengers’ lives and their own lives in great danger.

Tramadol abuse affects a person’s brain functioning and damages the vital organs of a human body.
When a person does increase the amount of Tramadol, his/her body starts to build up a tolerance for it. As the tolerance increases, he/she would need to take an increased amount to get the same effect. This creates a dependency of the person on the drug. His/her body cannot function normally unless such an increased amount Tramadol is not taken.

When a person stops taking the drug all of a sudden, they might experience withdrawal symptoms related to this drug. They include hallucinations, pinpointed pupils, severe dizziness, extreme anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, confusion, seizures or convulsions, restlessness, sweating, insomnia, trouble sleeping etc.

How to overcome Addiction to Tramadol?

If you know someone who is addicted to Tramadol, help them to get medically supervised detoxification in order to remove the toxic substances from their body.

Various rehabilitation centers and facilities are available to help people overcome an addiction to such substances. The inpatient program is one where a patient would get 24-hour supervision and intensive care. Another is an Outpatient program where the patients can stay in their respective homes and visit the center in the evening every week or on multiple days for the treatment. Peer Recovery Programs are also provided where they can share their own experiences and provide support to one another.

People must always follow their doctor’s advice while using any product no matter how severe or mild their effects are. Using medications without prescriptions must be completely stopped. Instead of going for harsh substances, people can opt for pain medications with mild effects like Soma Pill which again must never be used without a prescription and without a doctor’s consultation.


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