Modafinil: World’s Safest Smart Drug


When we think of a medicine, the first thing that comes to our mind is how will it cure us, or fast? And the next is the ill effect of the drug on us.

So let’s break your fear here. This is a safe smart drug to use, and if you religiously follow your doctor’s advice. Modafinil got its approval from FDA back in the year 1988. So it’s been twenty years that the smart pill is ruling the market. This smart pill also won the title of ‘king of smart pills’.

About Modafinil

Modafinil is like a brand name in the market of smart drugs. This is a prescribed drug, suggested by doctors for treating patients and individuals suffering from excessive sleep disorder. This reason that contributes to the this disorder are –

  • ·        Obstructive sleep apnea
  • ·        Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • ·        Narcolepsy
  • ·        Shift work sleep disorder
  • ·        Narcolepsy

So if you are one of them struggling with excessive sleep disorder then this is the right choice that you will make. Yes, Modafinil is an efficient drug to treat your sleep disorder. It not only treats the sleep disorder, but it is a brain enhancer as well. It develops the executive level function and hence makes you smart in a true sense.

How does the smart pill works

The smart pill stimulates and enhances wakefulness and mental energy. It works on the certain chemicals (neurotransmitters) of the brain.  This is how it controls the sleep and wake cycle of an individual and promotes wakefulness.  To make the working mechanism understandable into a simpler form, this can be clubbed into seven parts-

    Signaling of the Dopamine
    Non-signaling of the dopamine
    The recovery time
    Potential of addictiveness
    And lastly, how long the pill does takes to kick off

How can you dose the pill

As mentioned above, this is a prescribed drug so; you must a proper doctor’s advice before you think of infusing the pill in your life. This instruction will help you to dose the pill properly-

    The general recommend dose to start off with the medicine is 200 mg a single day
    Generally, smart drugs are prescribed for not more than 12 weeks.
    You can easily grab the pill with food or even without
    For people who are a victim of excessive daytime sleepiness or narcolepsy, must take the pill early in the morning with a glass of water
    And those who struggle with shift work sleep disorder must take the medicine an hour prior to work
So now you can buy Modafinil online to get rid of your excessive sleep disorder. You can purchase this smart drug from any of the online med stores.

Warnings and precautions

Certain precautions are there that you need to maintain, while you dose the pill. This will help you to take all the necessary steps to avoid the adverse effects.

    Never consume Alcohol with the pill, this will make you feel dizzy and will have some dangerous adverse effects
    The medicine is generally prescribed for 12 weeks and not more, so do not exceed the dosage
    Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery which would require alertness
    Limit the use of caffeine and chocolate as this may cause nervousness or make you feel dizzy
    People having high and low blood pressure must consult the doctor properly before they choose the smart pill
    If you are pregnant or have the plan to be then, do not take the medicine without a doctor’s advice
    Not recommended for individuals below 18 years of age
     If you suddenly feel withdrawal symptom, then immediately rush for medical assistance


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