Tramadol a Painkiller, to be Handle with care

Pain! The word itself gives the feeling of misery isn’t? I guess no one has spared from the feeling of pain. This feeling has been common in all ages. Pain be it physically or be mental, makes a person shatter into pieces. What we want at that point of time is relief from the suffering.

Painkillers are something that we look for when we are in ultimate pain. Using a painkiller is not bad, but this group of medicines comes with serious side effects. So to avoid the ill effects, we must always take the medicines under the supervision of the doctor.

Let’s peep into a pain med

Tramadol is a pain med which works effectively on pain. The pain med is a brand version of the generic Ultram.  Like the other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDs) the painkiller does not increase the risk of internal bleeding or stomach ulcer. These are seen commonly in many of the NSAIDs. Tramadol is a synthetic painkiller which is capable of treating moderate to moderately severe pain.

Tramadol ingredient

The active substance or the component present in the pain med is – Tramadol hydrochloride

The other ingredient present is- pregelatinized starch, microcrystalline, magnesium stearate

The shell of the Tramadol capsule is made of- indigo carmine, gelatin, titanium dioxide, iron oxide

Tramadol working action

Researcher and doctors have stated that Tramadol working action is similar to that of Morphine.  Like any other pain med, this also works the similar way.
The painkiller binds the receptors in the brain which is responsible for transmitting the sensation of pain from throughout the body to the brain.  The painkiller there only stops the sensation of pain form communicating with the brain, hence causing a relieving effect.

This pain med is not only known to stimulate an opioid, analgesic effect. But it is also known to be a serotonin/ norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. Thus the pain med has a weak anti-depressive effect.

This action of Tramadol is what enables this chemical to be effective against nerve pain.  There are many types of nerve pain, which respond to anti-depressants like Elavil and Cymbalta.

So, Tramadol is not just an opioid, but it is also an anti-depressant. Don’t wait to grab your solution of pain. Consult your doctor and just get hold of the pain med now. You can also buy Tramadol online from any of your preferred online med stores.

Who cannot use this pain med? 

There are certain cases or health in which a person is not suggested to choose the painkiller.  All the cases are not listed here, so you consult with your doctor properly before you chose Tramadol as a pain med. This includes-

    If you are a breastfeeding lady, then better not to use the medicine, as it might have an effect on your newborn baby
    If you are someone with a blockage on stomach or intestine, then also you should not grab this medicine.
    A person with severe asthma or breathing problem should also not use the medicine
    The pain med is not suggested for anyone who is less than 18 years of age
    People who had a history of drug abuse and drug addiction should also not come in contact with the pain med

Tramadol Uses

The painkiller works amazingly well on both chronic as well as acute pain. The pain med is suggested by the doctors for conditions such as post-surgical pain, terminal cancer pain, and obstetric pain. The painkiller is also used as an adjuvant therapy in Anesthesia.  Even the medical conditions ranging from treating acid reflux to nerve disorders are all treated by using this pain med.

How long does the painkiller stay in our system?

The painkiller has a half-life of 6 hours. The immediate release tablet of Tramadol is required to be taken in every four to six hours if you want a continuous pain relief.

Tramadol Dosing

Tramadol comes in various forms. The available dosage of the pain med is- 100 mg, 150 mg, 200 mg, and 300 mg respectively. It is advisable to take a proper doctors advice before you choose the painkiller, your physician understanding your level of pain will suggest you the recommended dose and the duration of the time.  Here is an idea that can help you while you dose the pain med-

    Take the recommended dose as suggested by your doctor. Do not increase or decrease the dose of the pill by yourself, ask your doctor before doing so
    You can grab the pain med with food and even without food. But remember to take the medicine, in the same way, each time you take
    Do not take Tramadol with alcohol; this can really have some serious adverse effect on you
    Do not break; split the pill, the painkiller. Take it as a whole.  as there are  different dosage of the pain med is available, so pick your dose
    Make sure that you do not stop using the medicine suddenly.  If you suddenly stop the medicine, this will have a severe withdrawal symptom in you. So consult your doctor before doing so
    Keep the medicine at a room temperature. Keep it away from moisture.


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