Provigil: A Drug for Advanced and Active life

Yes, it is true that Provigil will help you get a life towards advancement and of course being active. Provigil is one such smart pill that serves its purpose well.  The medication comes as a brand version of the generic Modafinil. This smart pill is a prescribed oral pill which is given patients and individuals suffering from the excessive sleep disorder.

Provigil is trusted and used as a treatment to treat the excessive sleep disorder which is caused due to- obstructive sleep apnea, excessive sleep disorder, restless leg syndrome, and shift work sleep disorder.

If you are one who got trapped in this disorder, then grab the hand of the smart drug Provigil and come out of your sleep disorder. Falling off to sleep in the wee hours or in work is very disturbing and hampers your both life and health. This disorder can make a person very lazy and unproductive. In a long time, this also becomes a house of various other diseases. So it is better that you should handle and “stitch your problem in time”.

Let’s see what the smart pill treats?

Provigil not only treats the excessive sleep disorder but it also enhances the brain’s cognitive function. The amazing smart pill enhances the executive function of the brain. Now, the executive function where the smart pill hits are-

    Increases the memory span
    Makes an individual more focused and concentrated
    Makes a person more productive
    Helps in opening up the creative chambers of a person, and helps to come up with new and innovative ideas
    Helps in making the right decision by reducing the impulsive action

How can you take or intake the medicine?

Before you think of incorporating the medicine into your life, make sure that you are under a proper supervision of a doctor. This will help you a lot in understanding the medicine as well as the boon and the bane effects.  So, here is a general idea that can help you while you dose your medicine-

    The recommended dosage of the smart pill to start the dose with is 200 mg per day
    Provigil is not prescribed for more than 12 weeks
    For people struggling with excessive daytime sleepiness and narcolepsy, must take the medicine early in the morning on an empty stomach with just a glass of water
    And for those who struggle with shift work sleep disorder, should intake the medicine an hour prior to work or when they need to be alert
    Never overdose the medicine


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