Soma pill: A Pain Med for Athletes


What is Soma Pill?

Soma pill is a popular painkiller that is found common among the masses. The drug belongs to the class of muscle relaxants. The generic form of the pain med is Carisoprodol; it is even popular and known by its generic name.  The medicine goes popular among the masses for showing its effectiveness and the capacity to treat the pain. It is a prescribed drug that the doctors prescribed to its patients suffering or dealing with pain, after knowing the health issue and the level of pain.

Carisoprodol (Soma) works by blocking the sensation of the pain from reaching the brain. It modulates the neurotransmitters present in the spinal cord and the reticular formation in the brain. The main purpose of the pain med is to stop pain sensation from reaching the brain. The pain med is used together with rest and physical therapy to treat skeletal muscle condition such as pain or injury.

How does it work?

Soma pill works very well in amazing on acute pain, this pain which comes as a surprise and causes discomfort, Soma Pill can be a first aid to attend this pain. Acute pain can come anytime while you are engrossed in some physical activity, so to avoid that unusual discomfort and pain you can easily go for Soma pill as it is a mild painkiller hence it can be used for a daily purpose. You can also now buy Soma pill online from an online pharmacy store.

Soma pill for Athletes

Athletes are the one who faces pain in a most crucial from. They are the one who deals with injury and pain all throughout, and sometimes the acute pain or injury turns chronic for them. Being a sports person, they can’t leave their dedication and passion behind, as this is the true sportsmanship. While in the field during the match or a game they are prone to more injury and pain compare to others, in this case, Soma pill being a fast muscle relaxant can be used for an instant relief as the pain med shows its effectiveness within 30 minutes in the pain or injury. Some types of pain or injury that is related to some of the game or match are-

•    Cricket- Back pain, Fracture, Sprain

•    Football- Back pain, knee pain, sprain, Shoulder injury, Heat injury

•    Volleyball- fracture, lower back pain sprain

•    Basketball- Knee injury, back pain, sprain

•    Tennis- Ankle sprains, back injury, Rotatory cuff tears, tennis elbow

•    Wrestling- fracture, sprain, back pain

•    Boxing- shoulder injury. Fracture

This is the certain pain or injury that is related to the sports mentioned above. Now to treat this pain that has a chance to come or pop out suddenly on the playing ground, Carisoprodol can be a helping hand in this kind of situation. A player can be given or treated with Carisoprodol to deal with the pain.

The effect of the pill lasts for four hours and can be taken four times a day. As the medicine is prescribed drug, so it should be taken with the consent of a doctor. Generally, the pain med is prescribed for three weeks.


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