Nuvigil: A Smart Drug for a New Active Life


Nuvigil is a prescribed oral medicine given to patients and individuals suffering from an excessive sleep disorder.  The generic name of Nuvigil is Armodafinil, which is the active ingredient present in the medicine. Any person who falls into the trap of excessive sleep disorder can definitely go for Nuvigil after consulting the doctor.
This excessive sleep disordered can cause due to- obstructive sleep apnea, excessive daytime sleepiness, and shift work sleep disorder. The medicine not only treats these issues it as well develops the cognitive function of the brain in an individual. People who suffer from narcolepsy fall in the uncontrollable episodes of sleep without even realizing.  This smart drug will help them to stay active and alert.

The smart pill affects the neurons of the brain and controls the sleep and wake cycle of an individual hence promotes wakefulness. For working people also this can be a very good solution to deal with an excessive sleep disorder. With a dose of the medication, they are good to go. You can now easily buy Nuvigil online from an online pharmacy store of your choice.

Not only treats wakefulness but also it is used to treat various disease such as ADHA, cocaine addiction, weight loss and psychiatric etc.  The pill does not cure your excessive sleep disorder; it just works as a solution to your problem. You can feel and notice a huge difference in your life after coming in contact with the pill.

Nuvigil for Students

The medicine has the capability to increase your memory span and the concentration level that comes as blessings for the students (persuading higher studies). Without going for endless cups of coffee before exams, you just can take a dose of Nuvigil and then you are good too for approx 12 to 15 hours (Half-life of the Pill).  The medicine not only will help you to stay awake but it will also develop your focus and alertness level to a peak.

Let’s know how you can intake the pill

You are advised to consult your doctor before you think of taking the medicine; you should follow the prescription thoroughly. Here is just a general idea as to how you can go consuming the pill-

•    The starting or the recommended dose of the pill is 150 mg per day
•    The medicine is generally prescribed for 12 weeks
•    You can take the medicine with or even without food
•    One can take the medicine in the morning with a glass of water if suffering from excessive daytime sleepiness
•    And for people suffering shift work sleep disorder, must intake the pill one hour prior to work
•    Do not overdose the pill
•    Never mix the medicine with alcohol

Some possible side effects

If you find yourself dealing or facing with any of these problems, then you must immediately rush for medical aid-

•    Hallucination
•    Shortness of breathing
•    Unusual bleeding of nose or gums
•    Trouble swallowing or mouth sores
•    Chest pain
•    Uneven heartbeats
•    Suicidal tendency
•    Anxiety or depression


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