Change concept about Painkillers

What is Pain?

Pain is a torture to our body both physically and mentally. Pains are of various types that make us feel
 uncomfortable in any situation. Pains affect our both social as well as personal lives in different ways according to the situations. Pains are very common problem for most the people, as we go through a busy scheduled day by day. The most common reason for a pain is stress. We suffer from different forms of pains, some of the pains are:-

  •          Headache is the most common pain that is experienced by almost everyone. It can be due to various reasons like stress, migraine, blood pressure etc.
  •          Joint Pain is generally faced the persons who are aged, this is due to the lack of calcium in the bone. This pain can also be for young age due to lack of nutrition. Injuries is also an another reason for the joint pain
  •         Back Pain is very common for women and the person with overweight.  Basically the spinal cord is related to the back pain.
  •          Neck Pain can arise due to improper sleeping postures , it also can be due to Spondylitis.
  •          Muscle Pain generally arises due to the physical activity over uses. When the muscle is stretched more than the normal.

Some of the natural remedies which can be used for the pain are:-
  •   Yoga is a natural healer for most of the physical problems                        
  •     Physio  Therapy is the process under supervision of physical trainer         
  •   Meditation can also helps in the improvement of the pain.
  •         Using Ayurveda help to solve the problems without any side effects.
  •         Some of the medication provides by Doc. are Tramadol, Soma etc.

Advantages of Painkillers are:-

·         In case of severe pain, painkiller can be used as a temporary pain reliever.
·         Painkillers used in medical institutions during surgery to reduce the pain during /after the surgery.
·         The feature of the quick response to the pain helps the person.
·         Painkillers are good to reduce the pain until it’s taken accordingly.

The Painkillers are always helpful to avoid pains both severe and chronic as well as severe pain. They are helpful as long as they are taken/consumed accordingly. We need to keep that in mind that over uses of anything leads to problems, but using accordingly benefits the user.

Who can’t take Tramadol?
  •         The children below 18 years
  •          Person with the liver disease, don’t use tramadol
  •          Don’t use tramadol by splitting it.
  •          Making powder of tramadol and using it can be harmful.


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