Pressure that threats Life

What is blood pressure?
Blood pressure is the process by which a heart pumps blood to the various parts of our body through arteries. The force applied for pumping blood to the parts of body is called blood pressure. In simple words, when the heart beats it pumps blood to all parts of the body and the force by which the blood travels is called blood pressure. At present people suffer with high blood pressure and low blood pressure. High blood pressure affects is very common as most of the person have it, it’s not just because of old age.
What is the normal rate of blood pressure and high blood pressure? 

The normal blood pressure is 120/80. If the level exceeds your need to consult a Doctor.

Symptoms of blood pressure

The symptoms that you can feel when you have high blood pressure are:-
  • ·        Headache
  • ·        Breathing problem
  • ·        Chest pain
  • ·        Dizziness
  • ·        Vision becomes blur
  • ·        Restless

If you are facing do check your blood pressure immediately to a nearby hospital or you can check it at home. Many devices have been introduced to check the blood pressure. For better healthcare you need to check your blood pressure once in every month to keep you updated about your blood pressure.

Causes of High Blood Pressure

The exact cause for the high blood pressure is still not found but some factors the plays the role for high blood pressure. Some of the reasons for the causes of high blood pressure are:-
  • ·        Lack of activity in daily life.
  • ·        Consumption of salt at high
  • ·        Obesity
  • ·        Depression
  • ·        Genetic
  • ·        Old age
  • ·        Stress

Complications Of High Blood Pressure

The advice is to take treatment as soon as possible for high blood pressure or else it can result to:-
  • ·        Heart attack
  • ·        Loss of eyesight
  • ·        Stroke
  • ·        Lungs failure
  • ·        Brain damage
  • ·        Paralysis
  • ·        Memory loss
  • ·        Coma
  • ·        It can also lead to damage other organs.

Prevention for high blood pressure

Healthy lifestyle changes can help us to control the high blood pressure. This includes the changes in the daily routine of our life. Prevention is always better than cure. The changes that we can adopt to control high blood pressure are:-
  1. ·         A walk in the morning for 30 minutes
  2. ·        Maintaining body weight
  3. ·        Low fat diet
  4. ·        Weight control
  5. ·        yoga & Meditation
  6.            Get enough sleep    

The high blood pressure is always a threat to life. As we have discussed the complications above, it’s a problem that affects many of the people at different age, in few cases the people who suffer from high blood pressure are the child after the birth. In such cases the problem can be genetic (the problem which rises from the parents, as the parents already have high blood pressure). Blood pressure can be controlled by the above discussed activity, for better healthcare check your blood pressure twice in every month.


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