Erectile Dysfunction is no more a probem

More to know about Viagra

Viagra (sildenafil) is used to relaxes the muscles and increases the blood flow in some part of our body. Viagra used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or Impotence. The problem of erectile dysfunction is most common in aged men.

Information to be known
  •  There are some medicines which are dangerous when you take them with Viagra.
  •  Don’t take Viagra if you are having heart problem or chest pain, it can increase the flow of blood rate.
  • Stop using Viagra if you are having sudden vision loss.
  • Your erection can be painful while taking Viagra, consult a Doc. In such case.

Who can’t take Viagra?
  •          a person with a heart disease, artery blockage
  •      a person with gastric problem
  •         if you were restricted for sexual intercourse due to health reasons.
  •         high blood pressure.
  •         a genetic vision problem.
  •         a person suffer from thyroid
  •         kidney problems or liver problems

Common Viagra side effects are:-
  •        Warmth and Redness
  •        Dizziness
  •        Blur vision
  •        Stomach ache
  •        Body pain

Medicine which can affect Viagra
  •         An antibiotic can lead to dizziness or blur vision
  •         Medication given to the HIV/AIDS patient
  •         Blood pressure medication.
  •         Sleeping pills

Make sure you don’t take Viagra with any of these above mentioned medication.


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