Diabetes Or Sugar

Diabetes is the problem which is due to high blood sugar. Our blood contains glucose which is being affected by the food that we consumed. Diabetes is very common every 7/10 people have diabetes. It is alike blood pressure it can’t be cured instead needs to keep it under control.
What is the normal range of Diabetes?
Diabetes Chart
Person without Diabetes
70-99 mg/dl
Person with Diabetes
80-130 mg/dl
2 hours after meals
Person without Diabetes
Less than 140 mg/dl
Person with Diabetes
Less than 180 mg/dl
Person without Diabetes
Less than 5.7%
Person with Diabetes
7% or less

Symptoms of Diabetes
Some of the common symptoms of Diabetes are:-
·        Urination frequently
·        Getting thirsty in an unusual basis
·        Intense hunger
·        Unusual Weight loss
·        Weight gain
·        Cuts & Bruises don’t heal quick
·        Yeast Infections
·        Gum infections on continuous basis
·        Sexual Dysfunction among men
These are the common symptoms that are noticeable at the starting stage of Diabetes.

Some foods which need to be avoided for a Diabetes patient are:-
  • ·        Sugar and Sweet Beverages
  • ·        White Bread, Rice, Pasta
  • ·        Fruits
  • ·        Flavored Coffee Drinks                                 
  • ·        French Flirt
  • ·        Dried Fruit
  • ·        Packaged Snack Foods.

           Causes of Diabetes

As discussed above the increase in sugar level is called as Diabetes. The sugar level of a person needs to remain to a limit but if it increases then the person is said to be called as Diabetic. There are various causes for Diabetes, some of the causes for Diabetes are as follows:-
  • ·        Obesity
  • ·        Bad diet
  • ·        Increasing age
  • ·        Family history of Diabetes

Suggestion is to exercise on daily basis, Avoid eating junk foods, Sweet foods avoid. Diabetes is not a curable diseases but a controllable disease. A hardworking schedule is always a best option to control your Diabetes.   


 The Diabetes treatment can be done in three types:- 1) Oral  2) Insulin  and  
3) Physical activity & Proper Diet.
Some of the natural remedies are as follows:-   Exercise daily, start from the morning walk
2.     Check your diabetes before food, every seventh day
3.     Avoid consumption of junk foods
4.     Avoid rice, white bread, pasta
5.     Don’t sleep for too long (5-6 hours)

The oral treatment is the source through which medication is given through mouth, medication like tablets and Capsules are given to keep the diabetes under control. This medication are prescribed by the Doc. On the basis of the range after the blood or urine test.

The Insulin is a type of injection given to the person mainly who has high range of diabetes. It directly pushed on the blood through injecting it on the lower part of the abdominal.

Need to keep in mind that low glucose level is also not good. Not taking sugar added components can lead you to decrease in glucose level, which is very dangerous. In order to keep the glucose level balanced you need to take sugar components, not on continuous basis but on few occasion to maintain the glucose balanced. Check your Diabetes with the instrument which is available on many stores.  


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