Avoid Doctors Do PILATES

Pilates: MIND & Physical Fitness

It is the one of the most effective physical fitness training for the ones who wants to be fit and healthy. It was developed after the name of Joseph Pilates, who developed it in the early 20th century. It is one type of exercise form which can be done without any equipment. It’s not only for the body but also for the mind, both mind and body to free from the harmful emotions that affect the body and mind.


1.     Lower the blood pressure
2.     Stretching helps in recovery of minor injury
3.     Strengthens the immune system
4.     Reduces muscle strain
5.     Helps in reducing weight
6.    Proper functioning of lungs
7.     Lowers cholesterol levels
8.     Improves the functioning of the nervous system


1.     Reduction of anxiety
2.     Improves focus and concentration
3.     Increases emotional stability
4.     Reduces Insomnia
5.     Increases patience ability


Pilates can be practiced both at home as well as the Pilates centers. Practicing Pilates in the centers will give you benefits like:-
  • ·        Guidance support
  • ·        Visual aids
  • ·        Good environment

Practicing Pilates at home gives you benefits like:-
  • ·        Cheap
  • ·        Private
  • ·        Schedule

Pilates are the exercise that helps the body and mind to work accordingly, as the working conditions are stressful now a days so for the mental quality as well as the physical. We all know that people who are doing job or working somewhere don’t spend time for body and mind exercise and mostly due to the reason they go through number of sickness. A sound body and mind is only possible if you are alert of what going in your body. Pilates is such a way to keep your body and mind in the conditions that helps us to avoid sickness, improves mental strength. Few steps of Pilates are shown below:-
     This above shown picture are the few steps of Pilates which can be used by anyone at home.

Differences of Yoga steps and Pilates are shown below:



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