Tramadol: A Pain med to diminish your Suffering

About Tramadol

Under the brand name of Ultram, Tramadol is been sold. The pain med also comes in various other brands such as Ultracet, Conzip, Zytram XL etc. Tramadol is a synthetic painkiller that works as a miracle drug for chronic pain.  But the pain med is also suggested by the doctor to treat the acute pain that is caused by post-surgery. Tramadol treats moderate to moderately severe pain also.

It is seen that sometimes the acute pain becomes chronic if it really becomes prolong.  There are cases which show that people suffering from pain for a long time are often found in a depressed state. Anxiety and depression becomes their partner, as they start to start to believe they won’t be fine ever again.  And they have to spend the rest of their life with this pain.

 People have a misconception that Tramadol is an NSAID drug. But I want to clear your doubt here. Tramadol is not a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDs). This pain med does not increase the risk of internal bleeding or stomach ulcers which is seen commonly in many NSAIDs.

What is the pain med composed of

The active substance or the component present in the pain med is – Tramadol hydrochloride
The other ingredient present is- pregelatinized starch, microcrystalline, magnesium stearate
The shell of the Tramadol capsule is made of- indigo carmine, gelatin, titanium dioxide, iron oxide

Tramadol are available in different forms; so consulting your doctor you can pick your form of taking the medicines and the dose as well. You can now easily purchase Tramadol online from your choice of online med stores.

Let’s just peep into a Brief history of the Painkillers

Tracing the history of the painkillers, opiates were used for both medicinal as well as the recreational purpose for thousands of years. The active substance present in opiate is Morphine.

 Now, Morphine is a very effective and a powerful painkiller but it is very addictive. Back in the sixteenth century, opium prepared in an alcoholic solution, laudanum was used as a painkiller.

During the American, Civil War Morphine was widely used as a painkiller.  Morphine was the first extracted from opium in a pure form in the marking of the nineteenth century. After the use of Morphine by the soldiers, 5they became addicted to the pain med. 

 In the year 1905, the US Congress banned opium and the year passed the Pure Food and Drug Act, which required labeling of the contents of all the medicines.
Thereafter new painkillers came on the market with approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

Withdrawal from Tramadol

As the pain med is a prescribed drug, so the medicine is available on a proper doctor’s perception. The dosages and the duration of the pain med must be stated clearly on the prescription.

Tramadol and withdrawal are associated closely. Do not try to increase or decrease the dosage yourself; this can be really a dangerous issue. If you think not to continue with the medicine suddenly, this will give raise your withdrawal symptoms. Your doctor will tell you how to get out of the medication. Some of the withdrawal symptoms include-

    Muscle ache and pain
    A runny nose
    Watery eyes
    Sleep disorder


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