Now Grab Tramadol, and Forget Chronic Pain

Tramadol is an effective painkiller which goes popular among the masses. This is a prescribed pain med that is only available on a proper doctor prescription. As we know that painkillers and side effects go hand in hand, so better we take proper consultation of the doctor.

Tramadol is a painkiller that is sold under the brand name of Ultram. It is currently sold under various brand names such as- Conzip, Zytram XL, Ultracet etc. Tramadol does not increase the risk of internal bleeding or stomach ulcer, while other NSAIDs do that.

How the pain med marked its beginning

Everything starts as a dot; we all have heard this idiom before which states – ‘little drops makes the mighty ocean’.  Like everything has a beginning to make. This pain med has an interesting entry into the market. Even this came as a little drop of help for people suffering from pain, mainly chronic pain.

Tramadol as compared to the other pain drugs and medications is relatively new in the market. There was a German drug company which was specialized in treating pain, so they came with this pain med Tramadol.

But the medicine was not immediately out in the foreign market.  It was tested for a long 15 years in Germany and then it came into the foreign market under the name Tramal in the year 1977.  The drug did not popularize in the US until 1995, then after it became popular.

This is how exactly the painkiller has made entry into the markets as well as in our lives. The pain med not only treats the chronic pain, but it is also suggested by the doctors to treat people suffering from post operational acute pain. This is a type of pain which is seen after a person goes under a surgery.  Now the impact of pain may not be felt or seen immediately. This sensation of pain may start after some period of time.

As the world has become digitalized, so why not buy pain meds online with COD facility? Yes now you can buy Tramadol online from any of your choice of online med stores.

What does the pain med treats?

Tramadol treats moderate to moderately severe pain. If you are someone who is suffering from moderate level pain, then this pain will be quite effective. The painkiller is assumed to works as similar to that of morphine.  It helps to reduce the pain effect by changing the direction of the pain sensation from reaching the brain.

How should you dose Tramadol?

Before you land into the painkiller, better you should consult a doctor for a proper dosage and the duration of the medication. Here are some of the important points that can really help you while you dose the pill-

    You can grab the pain med with food and also without food, as per your doctor suggests
    Do not increase or decrease the dose of the pain by our own, this may give rise to withdrawal symptom.  Your doctor will do that
    For immediate- release tablets, the standard dosage to start off with the pain med is 50-100 mg in every 4 to 6 hours
    For extended-release tablets, 100 mg per single day is the recommended dose
    Taking a double dose of the pain med can be dangerous. So if you happen to miss a dose of the pain med, it is advisable not  to take the medicine if it is almost time for the next dose


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